Our Acai

Nutritional Information:

Acai is well known for being a potent superfruit as it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and is one of the only fruits that is naturally sugar free. It is also high in healthy fats and fibre, which helps to sustain energy and keep you full throughout the day! Our product is certified organic, non-GMO and Kosher, and contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

Origins of the Product:

Our acai puree comes from fruits that are handpicked by farmers in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. The increase in global demand for the fruit is helping to preserve the Rainforest by increasing the demand for this sustainable forestry resource. It is also helping to improve livelihood opportunities and increase profits for these farming communities. Acai fruits are picked from the acai palm tree, which can grow to be up to 25 metres high. There are two harvesting seasons for the fruit each year.

In Brazil acai farmers are called peconheiros because they use an artisanal tool called a peconha, which is made out of leaves. It is a circular shape, which the farmers place around their feet and use as an anchor to hoist themselves up the trees. Interestingly, this tool is typically used by their feet to pick the berries. Peconheiros live in small farming villages along the banks of the Amazon river. They are then transferred by river to a big market, where they are purchased by industry and sent to larger processing plants. They are then pasteurized to ensure food safety and are either frozen into purees or freeze-dried into a powder form. This is all done in less than 24 hours of the fruits being picked in order to lock in nutrients and ensure optimal quality of the final product.